Space Wolf WIP

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

I am honest. After several weeks without painting i was a bit scared to have a straight go at the Arkvenger. I soon will do the base and plan to make a video about painting it. This fear of being out of drill made me have a go on a test modell, just for calming my fear and getting back to colours. This Space Wolf (head is of an Chaos Barbarian from Warhammer Fantasy) is still Work in Progress, but i love to paint on him and i am looking forward to have a go at the Arky as soon my brush is hot again :)

Hope you like him so far! Still some areas that need Kong's full attention, better photos as those WIPs are a bit too dark (have done them fast) and in the end he really will be an evil kick ass Wolf listening to this song in his MP40K-player while hunting down the enemies of the Emperor to praise Russ - forget about those last words, they are just nerdish talk and my thoughts while painting him :)

Keep on happy painting!
Kind Regards


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