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This posting shows a try to bring you a field manual on how you can find a good way through the jungle's article section. We own our supporters and followers gratitude and we feel that the article section has grown very much the last year - even we feel lost like this when we take a look in it. The second step of the areas upgrade is this kind of field manual that will help the readers who are not familiar with our articles or even did start the passion yet find a logic way through the masses of booby traps hidden in our jungle. We hope it will help you - please let us know if this effort was a succcess or if it failed to help you - in the end i hope it will amuse you :)

Don't miss the Search Function
Robert and I decided to bring you this explanation posting about how you can find your first steps easily through these jungly depths. Actually, Robert is a part of the jungle, he is the Chimp you can see above but he is so slow that sometimes his works are lost in the rain forest. You'll find the search place on the right but i try to link it up in here too that you all know what i am speaking of and give it a try while reading the following and surprise, surprise it didn't work - so follow my lead to the right navigation bar and you'll find the search function on top of the blog archives.

For example typing in "Maulg" there, will bring you all of Roberts postings from the beginning to the actual progress of his ship project or "Space Marine" will show you tons of Space Marine Brothers in Action - check it out and type the golden letters in there to find what you are searching for.

Our Articles are arranged in form of text and a useful introduction order
You will find tons of articles in the article section, in summary they might look way to much to read, but if you take your time it will work out well in the end. The articles are summed up in a way that shall make your learning from them easy as it is all placed in useful order and topics. It goes from basic stuff to more detail information on more special topics.

At this point i want to show you a little introduction by linking up articles that help you a lot when you are new to the hobby.

There is no practical use without theory information and i would recommand the Way of the Miniature Painter to you first. After this in my eyes it is a good introduction to see the material we are working with in an overview. Focusing your thoughts about the theory of light will help you also in the beginning to get reason why you paint a highlight or shadow at their specific places. Additional to this comes the even more specific theory of zenithal light that you can paint on your miniatures.
After the first steps in theory i would recommand the articles about preparing your miniature for painting. Filling gaps after the cleaning process is for sure important.

Building up a base would come next after your model is ready. The basing articles are many in the jungle and there is different material for you to explore. In the end you really can use everything to build up your vision. Your next step should be finding a way that helps you handle your model more easily during the process of painting.

When it comes to painting itself it is always good to know something about Priming. When you think back to light theory you will see it work all together already while priming. A good question always is what colours from which brand you should use - there is no real rule for that, just our own experience. Keeping your colours from dry out too fast while painting i would recommand to you that you are getting started with building up a wet palette.

After everything is ready and prepared it comes to painting technique. You will find more articles about this topic in the article section. Now it is getting delicious with special articles to find out solutions or ideas on how we have a go at them. For example how you can paint Real Metallic Metal in full detail.

There are also tons of special effects for you to find out, including an own section of Weathering articles.

Next place in the article section is the Step by Step area where you can find guides through complete projects from A to Z, for example this Article on how i did paint a bust of an USMC.

Further information brings you the Sculpting place, where you can have basic and advanced thoughts on the way of sculpting and doing little conversions. If you are intrested you can find a Step by Step on how to sculpt a 32 mm miniature completly by yourself. Little conversions, like creating books or own weaponry can also be found there.

A small area about how you can photograph your models can be found too, like how to create your own photo setup. This place is rather small at the moment but will for sure grow in the future like every area we got.>

The last place in the article section is the place of inspiration where you can find different things that might bring you inspiration.

I hope this little introduction helps you to find your way through the depths of the jungle's articles. I did not link up every single article, just those i think whom are fine for Beginners to get a feeling on how to use them.
This post will be linked up to the Article section for all time now, in the start so those of you who are new might have some helping hand while diving into it.

Sooner or later you will see that everything goes hand in hand when it comes to our Hobby. Theory, basics, Basing, Colours, Painting - all are friends that love to be connected. We can't help you in connecting everything for you, you have to do it and connect our help offers with your own experience to reach for the mountain peaks, but i'll promise you if you do it from the heart and do it often you will go forth faster as you can imagine, meanwhile we are filling the article section up with more stuff :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards
Roman and the Jungle Gang


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