Joy of Painting...

by Roman aka jar

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I also did paint up a miniature at the last weekend. I did finish it at home in the last days. It was a big honour for me to paint up another beautiful sculpt by my friend mati. I am not sure yet if mati already got a name for him, i just want to call him "Ctttthhuuuuulllllluuuu!!" as this was the sound i've made all the time while looking at him and painting him. The model itself has been sculpted up for a past contest over on frothers and will be exclusivly sold at this years London's SALUTE show.
A true pleasure to paint...

32 mm, BADSMILE Miniatures

Really, the last painting class weekend was very inspirational to me too - thanks a lot to everyone involved. Thanks to mati for such a great sculpt i really love - what do you think? If you like the model try to catch on at Salute 2011 or maybe later on someday at BADSMILE Miniatures - we'll keep you updated about it. If you like or dislike my paintjob on him please feel free to visit the voting arena for a fast click!

Work in Progress report.. Schell Studio's bust is arriving the final stage... still Work in Progress... click to enlarge... many thanks to Raffa for having a truely blessed evening of miniature photography... myself is impressed by the effect of different varnishes (satin, matte and glossy) on such big areas, it really makes dry areas come alive - wuhhuhuuhhhh, creepy sculpt to paint, it is staring at me all the time as i am starting to work the eyes...

Keep on happy colour party!
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PS: Music!


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