Son of Russ - Brother Freyron

by Roman aka jar

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Finally something is finished from my new workbench :)

This guy has been a little bit of practice to find out if i still got the grip after weeks without painting. In the beginning he was planned to become a fast gaming model, but in the end he turns out to be a fine gaming model i guess - hope you enjoy him, click to enlarge:

This world shall not fall into the hands of the Xenos.
This world will stay in the hands of mankind at all cost.
This world is protected by the Sons of Russ, Wolves of Fenris.
This world will be their hunting ground or grave as fate decides.
The Emperor protects and the Spirit of the great Wolve will guide the path.

Son of Russ - Brother Freyron
28 mm, Games Workshop

Hope you like him. Done from the Space Wolve Parts, except the head which is from a WHF Chaos Barbarian. He is also up to the big voting page, if you got a spare moment - here you go.

And i got some more to this posting :)

FIRST i want to save all my breath, collect all the air around me and pump them into my lungs for shouting out a monstrous Gorilla gratitude to Mr. W. aka DarkKnight. He made a surprising gift to me by sending one of his beautiful miniatures to me and it arrived today - i did not know anything about it and it totally made me go nuts. The model of his Tau Warrior is now in my personal collection and this gift really, really took me by surprise - i am very, very, very thankful, my brush brother - this is such a beautiful piece!! I told him that he is crazy giving me this wonderful model, but finally i found my speech again  :)

Work in Progress
There is nothing that can top the text above, so i just mention further progress on Roman Matrona Nummero Uno, soon to be finished if the gods stay with me. Still Work in Progress, the face gets close to finish, but overall there is still some cleaning up on the task list (hair, cleaning up and controlling dark lining, more stronger highlights overall, plus, plus, plus and eyes are also not finished yet, work in progress) - somehow i am already realizing problems by taking a good photo of her as the bust is strange from the angle of view with this strong head to the left pose - hope you like her so far:

And for those taking part in the MAD MAX CAR COMPETITION - here you go with some cool motivation!! Check out the Competition on the upper right banners and get your wrrrooommm on!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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