Joy of Painting II

by Roman aka jar

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... this could also be titled as "Finished stuff by big gorilla hands!". The comissioned greek naked girl wandering the snow is 99% finished. Photos already made but i saw some minor things i still want to redo so the last 1% has to be done after the weekends painting class.Little preview of things ahead:

This is just for David because of quoting me and challenging big kong in a really funny way :)
Gna! Gna!

...during the same time the little girl wanders the snowy path to her destiny in a galaxy far, far away a supreme force is on the hunt for planets. The girl doesn't know yet that her destiny is already fullfilled from this moment on, there will be nothing left someday, no sun, no oceans, no heavens - just darkness. Millions of galaxies have died in those deep eyes. The Great Bust by Schell Sculpture Studio called Supreme Intelligence bust came to an end. The foreword i mentioned above is just my vision i had while painting this up.

This bust again has been a high honour for me to paint - it is sculpted by Jordu Schell of Schell Sculpture Studios, who some of you might know from the movie business. For example, Mr. Schell was also involved in the character design of the movie Avatar.

This bust is around 9 inches tall (including a bigger podestal) so it is rather big, but hey big model means a big brush for a gorilla and i love hitting such spots with colour and a mighty club - sometimes i did use a smaller brush too, like a sword or a dagger but i love clubbing boom boom colour boom! Evil unknown alien force conquers your soul...

Supreme Intelligence bust
Schell Sculpture Studio, ~9 inches

I hope you like my vision of this bust - i first saw it on the Website of Schell Sculpture Studio and was in love right on the spot. Below you are to find bigger photos, click to open them and you can zoom in to look at my painting strokes and lights and stuff - an upcoming Step by Step article about my painting thoughts on this bust is coming for sure when i am home from the next weekends painting class. If you like to click this photo of a model in the big voting arena please feel invited on this jungly path to overview, detail view and single big view. And beware our destiny is already written, grrrrrr - EVIL ALIEN FORCE!!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards and a deep Kong Fu bow to Jordu Schell...

Bigger Photos:


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