Surprise ahead... WIP again

by Roman aka jar

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Suprise ahead on this Work in Progress.
A lady (Artemis by Hasslefree in 40 mm) is traveling far regions to face her destiny - the surprise will be 2 more models added to this scene soon :) - Now it is up to you to guess what will happen next? Click to enlarge... still Work in Progress, picture is a bit too yellowish as i did make it fast and again much still to do, like always, the yellow snow will dissapear i promise ;)

Thanks for a perfect complete Monday Painting Session to my man Peter - it is my pleasure to have you as my guest. Yeah and you can also see that we are working, my workbench isn't as clean as in its early days - but soon i will clean up again, harhar!

Bye, bye and keep on happy painting to you all!
Best Regards


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