Cryptlock Miniatures back on track...

by Roman aka jar

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It has been silent for while around the miniature forge of Cryptlock Miniatures.

Let me introduce this little company to you: Some years ago Mike Winkler started the Cryptlock project with some pretty cool Fantasy Sculpts in mostly 30 mm and really made something new in its kind, a very unique style as i would say. The most common miniatures you could maybe know from his series are...

"Lya Vogdu - banned Witchmistress" 

or the  

"Devorian Trader"

I met Mike on at a Painting Class of mine where he did take part and we really had some fun together. He is the kind of guy you want to have a bar run through the depths of the bavarian nights. He told me back then that there are plans to get back to more active sculpting again. He now did a relaunch to his site and also brought a new model which is really sick and cool in my eyes. The paintjob is done by monkeybrother Ben Komets and fits him very well - beware of the...

"Gworm Shaman"

Many people have asked Mike about the naked Slave girls which have been only available in the set of the Devorian Trader - so far - you can now get them individually on his page - CRYPTLOCK.


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