Humpidumbidu... Kong Fu

by Roman aka jar

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Slowly the aftermath of our flat change comes to an end or at least something close to a place from where you can see an end or at least think you can...

we had our first Monday Night Painting session (Raffa, Benny and me), but Miniatures were far from our brushes and we did paint on canvas. There is still a lot to do and blablablablubb... after spending hours today in IKEA my brain is completly fucked up. I just wanted to tell that i won't be able to be at the Painting Crusade at the upcoming weekend - too much to do around here and i am looking forward to some moments of silence on the weekend with Anna. So, i won't travel to see my friends and meet new ones and look at great miniatures - i feel sorry but know that it won't do me good in this moment of my life - i'll ask for some charity about it :)

Hey!! The jungle is not dead yet, it is just quiet around the bushes these days but there is something you should all not forget and it says...

Bye, bye so far...
El Romano


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