Painting Place upgrade

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Aloa. After we finally moved i am coming close to have everything finished in the one room in our flat that i can name completly my own. My room where i will paint, work and sometimes jiggle in front of my computer screen. I really had my problems with our last flat, there this place was included in our living room and so i had no real living the last couple of years at all - always confronted with too much energy to paint or in the bad moments with pure frustration while sitting in the living room - these days are gone and soon there will be spirit all over the place. I even managed to keep my computer place seperated from my Miniature work area, that is big progress as i always felt distracted by my monitor while it was so close to my colours ... my room, oh dear, i can't believe it :) - here are some previews of still Work in Progress:


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