Time to leave...

by Roman aka jar

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... tomorrow the time has come to finally leave my workbench for a couple of days. There is no bad reason at all behind that fact - a painting class in Munich will be the place where my attention will be focused for the weekend, i am really looking forward to it as i am in such a good mood when it comes about painting - this could get epic :)

A song for painting and also for saying thanks to my Red Wine Warrior from Italy - many thanks, bro', i will get in touch after the class, there is a lot i want to tell you and i won't do it in a hurry, Mr. V. - this song is for you:

Before the weekend comes here are 2 more Work in Progress things i can show you - i am really enjoying to switch between my projects these days and love to do the want i am working on - so i can't tell when something is finished, it is finished when it is done! Happy painting in all its glory...

Artemis's project will have the title "Lucky bird", you will soon see why - still a lot of areas i am working on, don't you think there is an area which is already done. I also still got to fight the yellow snow which comes from leaves i did put under the snow before i did decide to use snow. Gna! That's my way to gain experience, but as far as i can remember i already did this once, haha.

Yesterday i was also in the mood to see how far Studio Schell's Supreme Intelligence bust really is by painting its socket black. Now there can be the final work...

May you all have a great weekend - a report about the painting class will follow for sure :)

Keep on happy painting!
Kind Regards


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