Roman Matrona finished...

by Roman aka jar

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Today i have finished the first comission of the Roman Matrona bust by Pegaso in 1:9. This version shows a blond lady with a lot of masquara in her face :) - as i am painting two of those the next version will be in a completly different colour scheme and i guess this will catch a completly different character. I hope you like her...

Roman Matrona
Pegaso, 1:9

She has been a really beautiful sculpt to paint, but i somehow had my problems with the angle of the face. I have already painted some busts now and this is the first time i have encountered this kind of 'problem'. She looks way too far to the left and away from the front of the sculpt. It is hard to explain what i mean as it is more a feeling than something i really can illustrate with words. To view at her to the face is lovely as the face is beautiful, but the rest from this angle is strange, as there is not much material of the bust. Looking at her from the front is lovely too as there is a great hand, a naked breast and fine clothing/jewelry but from this angle i miss the face... gna! Hard to explain - i hope you know what i mean - i will deal with this 'problem' on another run on this bust.

If you are intrested in the model itself you can find a Miniatures unpacked of the bust here. She is also up to the big voting page, if you like feel invited here. As you can see i am back at the workbench with full force and got some plans to also do some videos soon. So prepare for the unexpected!!

If you did post some questions lately on the blog and if i have not answered yet, please remind me at the place where your question is via comment. I am having some serious problems with my internet connection in the new flat and i hope this will soon be calmed - much on my brain, easy to forget something. There is but one thing i won't forget:

Keep on happy painting! :)
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