Quest for treasure!!!

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

As i am so full of joy these bright days there will be a little time of gaming and gambling and everyone reading here in the jungle is invited  to this little treasure hunt. You can win this box of a Viridian Sniper squad by Urban Mammoth, completly free sent to your house:

What you got to do?
I told you already it won't be easy, did I? The path to find the treasure is not easy, so I did now. You got to check the blog archives on the right and search in there for the treasure posting in the timeline from January ~ July 2010. Be the first to find it, follow the instructions written there and be the first to bring the right outcome on your quest. Good Luck to everyone!

Available time for this quest is until Monday, February 7th 2011, when i am in the mood! So you got the complete weekend to go for your quest!
Are you intrested in the outcome of this treasure quest? Go at it!

This is a test and maybe if you like it there will something like that every month :)


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