Back again...

by Roman aka jar

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... again home from another Painting Class.

A weekend full of great people and massive Happy Painting - many thanks to everyone who made this weekend special, there will be a report rolling in for sure. I still feel the jungle drums calling but my powers are fading after too less sleep and the held classes - honestly i feel like i had a box fight with a gorilla and lost in the 3rd round, 2 painting classes in 10 days, uhh uuhhh aahhh... more to come soon as the boom boom of the jungle drums still shaking the jungle canopy. Also we did manage to keep track of my start in wild wet in wet painting via video on the Arkvenger's base, bla, bla - so much to report... but ... tired ... :)

Meanwhile i want to thank Fireant for translating articles into polish like a stallion. There are many more already translated by him and for all our polish reader check out Fireants blog - he did add a portal to show you which articles already are translated and linked them up there for our polish readers. Many thanks to Fireant for his action and as it is still winter season you now can find many of the winter themed articles translated - just great, check out the flags here!

I just wanted to say that i appreciate every comment on Massive Voodoo, for sure also the new ones on the translated articles, but hey i don't understand a word in polish and don't know what is written there by you. As i am responsible for the comments on this blog i would ask you to still write in english or pay me some polish classes. I honestly ask about that and big Kong is serious - i am already thinking about deleting those comments, just because i don't understand them. Imagine your own blog commented in chinese or german or whatever language you don't understand, in germany the laws around internet responsibility are very strict so i have to act. Please help me help you :)

I now prepare a fine bed from jungle plants, lick my wounds, rest my back, regain energy and let my horses rest...already unpacking to painting joy - yeaha!

Keep on happy painting!

Kind Regards

PS: Cthulhu is for Sale here! 


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