My new Av... oooukey, Kong Fu?

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

The word i've tried to write above was Av... just kidding, Avatar. Those things everyone has as his personal interneticonstuffpieceblurb, i mean those little pictures everyone uses to post in a forum, everyone is hidden behind such a picture, at least most of us are... whatever we use from this day on into the far future, whatever future will bring when it is time to live in Avatarworld there is one thing left that future can't change - our personality will always be included in such an Avatpiecestuff...

I today made a new one for myself, not really new but with some changes for CMON - no, this is not an important information - but i had to laugh about this new version even before i had written the text above... Boom! Boom!

... but maybe i'll change him again or try to improve it :)

Keep on happy painting and that is what i'll do now!
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