Kong's WIP thoughts - December #03

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa Jungle visitors.

Yesterday - on Sunday - Peter, who is visiting us in Augsburg joined me for a relaxed painting afternoon in the studio. We really enjoyed painting together even the heating of the studio troubles us in these cold days. It doesn't work properly and it was getting cold quick in our bones. At the next visit of the studio we got to tell the janitor about it. Hopefully he has a solution.

I am really impressed by Peter's actual WIP - he is painting a big roman horseman - and that horse is so huge and heavy as it is cast from metal.

For me there are so many WIPs waiting to be done and I really enjoy doing one after the other to get my mind free again. Thanks to Bestienmeister who saved my soul with his blogpost and the song that calms my mind.

Luckily not all the WIPs you see here in our cabinet at the studio are by me. Some are Raffa's and some are Bene's but unfortanetly I have even more in my cabinet at home. Ouchy! Purple!

I did finish my version of the Medusa finally - redone the eyes and did some final touches to her skin. Final photos of her seem far away at the moment but this is not too bad as I will finish some more WIPs soon so there will be a big photo session.

Article that brings you thoughts and examples on how you can paint eyes.

I am also making plans about another project I'll do for an upcoming painting competition - I really love that scene and want to create it with a different topic/theme:

I did paint some more on another older WIP - Sergeant Corwinn from Wonderland Miniatures - a truely lovely bust to paint. I really enjoy finding my way deeper in this figure/character. Romain is such a god when it comes to sculpting.

There is still a lot of work ahead of me and it looks like I am having troubles painting eyes on the first go these days. So I will for sure have another try on the eyes as they are not yet what I seeked.
Maybe I am getting old or I just have to switch the brush - we'll see.

By the way did you see Wonderlands Project Indigogo Campaign?
- there is truely nice stuff waiting for the supporters.

Don't forget you can win a Sergeant Corwinn bust at our actual BANANALICIOUS painting contest.

So far from the table - keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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