MV's ZSM 2012 - December 19th

by Roman aka jar

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December 19th - The alternative Advent Calendar
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Storyline goes on with information you found in the mysterious book pages, thanks to everyone who took part and draw their versions - you are just amazing!

by JP

by Wild Chevy

by Harald

by Nehr

All drawing people, will gain a double badge for their help, - we are using their ideas to bring the story further. Take a sheet of paper, note your badges if you got one (we do the same) - in the end the one with most of the badges will be the winner. Don't hesitate to comment, we still got  badges for 4 days to give away. The promoted ladies and gentleman for this row are:

JP, thanks for the further storyline.
Wild Chevy.

The Story goes on ____________________________________________________

"After some minutes of panicly searching for the right page you found it and start to read:

If you want to wake the dead paint the pentagram symbol on a reprensantation of the queen of the underworld. Use blood for the red parts of the painting. 

-- "blood??? I used red paint for the pentagram but no blood. Come to think of... I used Eduardos red paint for that...." 

The person which blood is used becomes one with the queen of the underworld and controls all which is dead.To complete the ritual and gain fully control you must sing the red parts of the text in its original tung. Warning: if the ritual is not performed properly, a zombie apocalypse is started. If you want to banish the queen and the dead backed you have to.....

 --"I HAVE TO WHAT??? Where is the text of the translation? There must be a note missing.... is there something on the back?... No. Where is this thing. I have to find it ... No!"

 Now it is your turn again!

You have to ask the oracle of doom what to do next!!
Write an email to muhani---at---massivevoodoo---com and explain your situation in one sentence, ask the oracle your question and post the answer here via comment.


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