Mutant Kingdom of Heaven

by Roman aka jar

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Hello fellow painters,

we hope that you are already with us at "MV's Zombie Master 2012 - interactive alternative Advent Calendar"? If not, quick, help survive!

These days I got 2 painted figures to show which were finished lately. One is a mutant, as far as I know an pretty old but damn cool one piece sculpt famous Allan Carrasco, distributed in the future by minisocles as far as I know. I started the figure at the painting class in Hamburg this year for explanations and finally finished it with joy in painting.

32 mm

Another piece I did start for unexplainable reasons. I guess it was just fun and in the end it became a birthday present to Raffa. It is called ...

Kingdom of Heaven
Games Workshop, 32 mm

Hope you enjoy -
leave a comment if you like or save your breath for the Zombie Master!!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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