MV's ZSM 2012 - December 3rd

by Roman aka jar

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December 3rd - The alternative Advent Calendar
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Storyline goes on with the decision which won the vote - this time special, because the vote was very close. 7 Votes for A) and 7 Votes for B) - both will happen!!

A) Use your figure box to do a massive strike from above at the Zombies head
B) Use your brushes to stick them in the Zombies eyes

Three people, will gain a badge for their help and their inspiring comment, - we are using their ideas to bring the story further. Take a sheet of paper, note your badge if you got one (we do the same) - in the end the one with most of the badges will be the winner. Don't hesitate to comment, we still got  badges for 22 days to give away. The promoted ladies and gentleman for the second row are:

- Harald, for the most powerful reaction with the figure box and keeping the miniature intact
- Guido, for a quick reaction with the double brush strike after the Zombie got up again
- Engineer Jeff, for picking up ugly hobby supply

The Story goes on ____________________________________________________

"Oh shit! Whats going on in here??
Shocked, you stumble backward a few steps.
Almost tripping over as you slip on a banana peel that someone had thrown there.
You catch yourself, then the zombie is on you, with blood dripping hands he is clawing at you. out of reflex you pull up your miniaturecase to defend yourself. Normally you are really careful with your box, but you can´t cheat on your reflexes....
the zombie smashes into the frontlid, scratching the surface and tearing it off.

[Memories are flooding back into you, you was given the box as a birthday present by my little brother, who has made it himself. You had carried it to many diffrent places and countries. Lots of your friends from closeby and faraway had signend it or left some little art on it. Damn this fxxxing zombie, he is ruining a piece of art itself]

Enraged, maddend and without thinking at your latest model, you swing the box overhead and smash it down on the zombies head. caving it in an splattering grey matter on the spiderwebbed securityglass of a metro window. The head hanging limply on the broken spine, the dead driver dropped to the gore splattered floor.

Then you had to sit down, breathing hard. You check my miniatures box. the frontlid is missing. the lower left corner is covered in red gooish liquid. But hey, by some miracle the model is still intact! At least a little bit of luck ... You completly forgot about those iceskates back in the other metro wagon as this action here was a bit too much for your nerves. The thought occurs to you that the fleshy remains might come in handy for some basing material sometime, so you tuck it away in a ziplock bag and slip it in with my hobby supplies.

But what is this? The Zombie remains are still moving and the body on the ground still turns in your direction. That sucker is not completly gone. Damn. His brain seems still intact. Damn.

You take all your brushes, good and bad ones and fill both your hands with your new weaponry. A massive double brush strike in the zombies eyes makes him drop finally.

After a too short rest you went to search the drivers cabin and find:

So it is time to check your equipment list again:

Equipment list (this list can grow and shrink during your journey)

- 1x Figure Transport box, damaged, Figures intact
Your bag containing:
- your colors, many
- 1x ziplock bag with zombie remains
- your last energy drink
- 1x flashlight
- 1x key

The flashlight is functional, but you have no idea how long the batteries will last. The key has something written on it "maintenance room". Now it is about time to get out of that metro and survive this horror. You really need to get to Eduardo's place somehow and staying here is no option as you can hear some mourning outside in the dark metro tunnels. Damn it, more Zombies around!

You take a look outside and lucky you again you see a maintance room over in the tunnel. Your metro door is not very far from it and with a powerful jump you could manage to get there, but if you fail you will land hard on the tunnel floor. Now there is no decision to take, you really want to get there so here are your options:

A)  Do the massive jump

We need your support for that jump! If we recieve 15 photos of individual people jumping our character will make it! If not we'll see what happens! Please sent photos to: jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com
(one person, one  photo, we will count! Photos will not be shown in the jungle, it is just Raffa and Roman who have a look at them).

Happy jumping!


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