MV's ZSM - December 22nd

by Roman aka jar

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December 22nd - The alternative Advent Calendar
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Storyline goes on with the decision made in the comments:
B) Go the rough way and do the kiss to her/him as fast as possible, open her/his mouth with force and bite of a piece of the tongue!

Three people will gain a badge for their help, - we are using their ideas to bring the story further. Take a sheet of paper, note your badges if you got one (we do the same) - in the end the one with most of the badges will be the winner. Don't hesitate to comment, we still got  badges for 4 days to give away. The promoted ladies and gentleman for this row are:

Nehr, for lirting with the Queen of the Underworld.

Engineer Jeff, for doing what has to be done in a military way.
Harald, for his neverending hope!

The Story goes on ____________________________________________________

Today is the day to ressurrect the world!
Its a tongue after all, and you doing this to save your friend, and for that matter, humanity as it stands.

Now in the room it’s only the Queen and you, the Oracle was clear: You have to kiss her and bite her tongue. George is keeping her frozen in place but you still feel a sense of fear looking at that green possessed eyes. You try to gather all your courage to accomplish the task but you really can’t avoid seeing Eduardo’s face, looking at “her”…just the idea of kissing your friend…a French kiss…I don’t know if you are more amused, repulsed or threatened. But “a man/woman must to what must be done” (.cit) so you try with all your strength and decide to use all your charm trying to reach “her” and have a body contact. This is truely kind of strange.

You try to adulate her and slowly approach: “Oh great Queen, finally I’m with you. I tried to reach you in every way, for long time. It was so hard, but now you are here and I can do everything you want. We can be together; we can have this entire world at your feet. I will be your strong harm, be at your side”. 

You have reached her and you take “her” hand in yours, creating a contact. Keeping the adulation you slowly move your head nearer to hers. In the beginning “she” seemed quite rigid, but now you feel “she” is letting herself go a little. “Perfect” you think, “It’s the moment!” In that precise second, you move as fast as possible and use all your strength to open her mouth, using my hands, than you put roughly your open mouth over “hers” and use your teeth to tear off a piece of “her” tongue. …
You gag as the blood rushes into your mouth, and you hear a slight "yelp" as whatever part of Eduardo that is still in there must have felt the pain. His eyes briefly flash back to their normal color. "DUDE! What the he-RRAAAWRRRR!" and the vampire bitch reasserts her control. 

Eduardo went offline, no green gliming eyes anymore. You blow out all the candles in this room (not that the house burns later on) and take your friend to carry him upstairs on a couch. He is bleeding from his mouth and while you carry him you are proud of yourself - you carry Eduardo! - You must have grown muscles the last horrible days ...  During your walk to the living room you don't see any Zombies around, not in the garden, not in the house and the world seems pretty quiet except George yelling "Last Christmas". You decide to switch it off now. But what has changed now??? 

A noise from the main door distracts you from cleaning Eduardo's mouth. You turn around and there is a lonely  ...

  ... entering the living room. Oh no! Nothing changed??? 
You can barely breathe by the thought of that fact.

You prepare yourself to get your knife-broom-spear and charge the Zombie but suddenly the whole world outside glows green - a true strong light and you are scared to get blinded ... the Zombie turns to the light and the last thing you see is him walking away into the light ...

Now it is your turn again!

Explain to us what your world is like when the light fades away and you get on your feet again? What did that green light do? Is the Queen still out there? Is the world again a place of beauty or is Santa hunting Zombies outthere?

Be creative! The most creative storyline will get the badge! 
There is only one badge for tomorrow and it means double!

Happy storytelling! 



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