Kong's WIP thoughts - December #05

by Roman aka jar

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And it still all is Work in Progress ...

Christmas arriving and we'll leave work behind during the Christmas days. We won't be in the studio for a while now. Some of us traveling to see relevants during Christmas and some of us staying home with their families. I think everyone knows what I am talking of: Christmas is coming.

For me personally yesterday was the last day in our studio until the new year arrived as we are back again. Back from a trip to our austrian friends that my girlfriend and I are looking forward and start on December 26th. A little snowy holiday in the mysterious austrian mountains. So I had to say goodbye to all my Work in Progress pieces yesterday. Which made me kind of sad but hey that is the way life goes.

I am still working on Sergaent Corwinn and there is still so much work in front of me that I'll enjoy. I learned an important lesson for me during the last weeks of painting I enjoyed with my friends. I was kind of lazy when it comes to contrast from dark to bright. Yeah, just lazy. That happens when you are confronted with figure painting everyday. You eyes go blurry. In retroperspective my problem was that I started the basic color - the overall color of an area way too bright in the past couple of months. I had my issues working into the light spots as I had problems in working out the contrast. For me it is good to start darker or darken too bright areas first to have the option to work on the contrast range. I somehow forgot about that during painting and painting.

There is still a lot of paint to do before I will call this bust finished. I am working my way through the armoury damage, from rough to detail at the moment. Working my way on contrasts on the armour parts. Did not do anything on the face so far, still got to do the eyes but as said concentrating at the armour at the moment. I am already happy with some areas but with others I still now how much time will be spent there to achieve the same result. I paint hours and meanwhile I think nothing ever happens with all these small dots and lines and edges but then after a while I enjoy the figure more and more. So it is good to invest the time and the figure is a pure joy to paint.

I finished another little project yesterday which is an exchange figure with Matt Cexwish. Once when he was visting us in Augsburg he made a little girl to my collection and I finished mine back to him now. I will for sure make better photos as this is just a blurry preview - you can take it as a teaser if you like. Final photos will arrive in 2013, but maybe you can get the story behind it even with this horrible photo :D

Blurry Preview Teaser

Raffa is painting a very nice bust at the moment from JMD and has a lot of fun by doing so. Yesterday on our last painting meeting for this year he really made some big steps further on the bust.

He is also working on some new tutorial stuff that will drop in for the next year - I guess you have no idea what this will be in the end :)

Bene was with us painting yesterday and even Peter and Wolfgang were there for some hours. Really a nice end of this year's painting. I can only say some cool projects are rolling in by our friends. Bene finished a very small bust and started a female Red Box Games Lady:

As this might be the last post of "Kong's WIP thoughts" for 2012 I just want to say thanks to those who support me with their oppinions, inspiriational ideas and thoughts about my WIPs. I am really thankful. Before I forget - I did paint some more on the Enigma Troll guy ... very cool sculpt and a joy to bring him to life - finally with contrast :)

Now it is time for me to say goodbye to colors and my dirty brushes, to hours filled with music, to hours filled with joy. Time to relax and breathe. I am looking forward to the new year and with a little teardrop in my right eye I leave behind my cabinet with the Work in Progress stuff :)

Keep on happy painting to you all who hold a brush once in a while!
Best Regards


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