MV's ZSM 2012 - December 20th

by Roman aka jar

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December 20th - The alternative Advent Calendar
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All people who asked the oracle, will gain a badge for their help, - we are using their ideas to bring the story further. Take a sheet of paper, note your badges if you got one (we do the same) - in the end the one with most of the badges will be the winner. Don't hesitate to comment, we still got  badges for 4 days to give away. The promoted ladies and gentleman for this row are:

Roger Verdaguer i Serrat 
Wild Chevy

The Story goes on ____________________________________________________

After you asked the oracle of Doom on what you can do to save the planet you recieved the following hints:

"ssttttttthhhh .... queeeeen of the underworrrrrrrrrld .... 32 teeeth ... 5 less ... a toothless kiss ... and the tip of the underworrrrrrld's queeen tongue ... bite!!! May the fortune be with you, lisping visitor!"   

"... where to find the queeeeeen of the underworrrrrrld? ...... dream a little dream .... while listening to the original version of "last christmas" in reverse playback ... the queen will await you on the other side ....  "

"The queen of the underworld has to lose the tip of her tongue. Harald knows how to find her, and Roger knows how to accomplish. Bewaaaaaare of George Michael!!"

"Start by doing what is necessary, do what is possible, and then do what is impossible.
Attract her, kiss her. Bite the tip of her tongue. Don't get bitten. Beware of the christmas-carol singing man wearing sunglasses. Good luck!"

"Be George Michael! ... but bewaaaaaare - he's theeeeeeere!" (To avoid death)

"Things can't be undone without stopping words being spoken by the false tongue."

"We not know usbcharger. Use the perfume of malodorousness to find your path. Mix it!"

Ok you think - this sounds truely weird. A lot of information by the Oracle but you take your time to understand the sentences you have written down, those messages by the Oracle. You take a moment of rest and look outside the Window to see what Eduardo is doing ... a lot of  Zombies vanished somehow, you can see some walking down the road. And there is Eduardo, walking into the basement - you are scared in the moment he looks right up to your window. He is staring at you with his green glowing eyes. Damn, you have to help your friend and fight this undead queen you have resurracted. Christmas is coming and this won't be a beautiful Christmas if the world stays as it is right now. You go back to the sheets of paper, near the book and concentrate on translating the Oracle's message.

After hours full of concentration passed you managed to translate the miracles written there and the message of the oracle is:

"You have to kiss the Queen of the Underworld, her presence and bite off the tip of her tongue! As you know the queen of the Underworld is now in Eduardo's body and so you have to kiss him and bite off the tip of his tongue. Beware of not getting a bite by him/her. The Queen of the Underworld has to listen to this song while you do the ritual this prevents your soul from getting frozen in front of her! It has to be this song and George Michael's voice - do not change the tunes as this is truely important!"

Ok then, you have to play that song - you prepare the stereo and play it on repeat, done. C'mon damn Miracle now I have to go downstairs and kiss Eduardo and bite his tongue? You must be kidding me, oracle? How ... stupid and grose!

You put all your strength together - you are the reason why all this has happened, why the world is going down in fire and horror. You can change it and may at least have a nice Christmas holiday with Eduardo - who might be in the hospital then because of your upcoming tongue bite! Oh dear!

Down in the basement you find Ed... the Queen of the Underworld in front of a table with millions of candles. From above George Micheal is yelling and the Queen seems to be frozen in her movements because of this song. The Oracle was right, almighty Oracle! Suddenly you hear some mourning from a dark corner on the right and from the shadow there appears ...

Damn, you thought all zombies were gone but this one must be the Queen's bodyguard. Oh dear that is a big guy and all your equipment is not here in the basement. You left it behind upstairs. This guy is big and strong you guess and you have nothing but your hands. No time to look through the room ... oh no!

Now it is your turn again!

Describe how you fight this monstrous zombie with your bare hands or find another solution to solve this delicate situation and reach your goal: Eduardo!!



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