7 days, 7 creatures, 7 busts!

by -Matt Cexwish-

Hej Guys! As I am currently traveling once again an forgot to pack my Skeleton, I need to satisfy your Sculpture needs... That's why I will share this incredible Project with you from our Friend Cyril Roquelaine... Cyril will sculpt a different Bust based on the Art Of Adrian Smith every day this week!

7 days, 7 creatures, 7 busts! Here!

Maybe he will decide to find a better Camera, so we can start to follow his sculpting in HD soon...^_^... (hint... hint...)

Will work on ol' Skellie and post pictures as soon as possible... I have also clear up, what the exact concept will be: The Bust of an Old Man becoming young through his Childhood Memory... ;)... It all makes sense now! Hope to share it with you next week!

Edit: My Prayer has been heard, it seems...:D... Here's the Second Part in HD! Here's Cyrils youtube... Enjoy this Special Week...:)...


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