Kong's WIP thoughts - December #01

by Roman aka jar

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This time some Work in Progress again, but before we dive deep into it some information about the Figure Art - Artbooks and our Work in Progress on them:

We are reaching an end of the work and are good in our time plan - we think we will order the print next week and then it is time for waiting to recieve all the books and stickers. We will keep you all informed about the progress. We are so thankful for the support recieved and bring you the best we can offer. I hope you are all looking forward to it ... maybe I just write this to break the silence which occoured the last days around the book. Be sure, be very sure it is not forgotten and we are working hard to bring this to you for Christmas.

You can win one of these calendars for 2013 
by taking part in MV's Zombie Survival Master 2012 ;)

I am painting on my version of the medusa's bust again (left one). The right one was a gift by Robert aka muhani to me. I love his version. Mine will be an exchange figure back to him. On the table:

 Still WIP on the left

The next ones are already finished. Some of the stars of our alternative Zombie Advent Calendar.
Those you already encountered. Painted for gaming, nothing too fency, but a lot of fun!

So far from another rare moment in the studio.
Keep on happy painting and stay safe!
Best Wishes


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