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Soon official news about the Artbook status drops in via Indigogo announcement! 
Stay sharp and tuned! 

Wamp Awards, version 2012, is back.
And guess what?
MASSIVE VOODOO is nominated in the category
"Best Blog 2012". Wow!
Many thanks for the nomination, the jungle feels very honored!

We are resuracting the dead ... uhm, I mean we are engaging something again,
we did not find much time to care about in the last months: the Tutorial Section!

We had some issues with it. We did not find the time to include translated articles,
 we did not find time to organise more translation, even we had so many people interested in helping us and offering their translation work. We did not find the time to search the html-problem which lead to the missing of the navigation buttons inside an article.

but now ...

... we took a first step!

You can now easily navigate through our articles by checking the buttons 
on top of them!

We hope for the future to find more time for this
very important section!


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