MV's ZSM 2012 - December 13th

by Roman aka jar

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December 13th - The alternative Advent Calendar
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Storyline goes on with the decision which won the vote:
B) take the loop way and get to the mailbox

Three people, will gain a badge for their help and their inspiring comment, - we are using their ideas to bring the story further. Take a sheet of paper, note your badge if you got one (we do the same) - in the end the one with most of the badges will be the winner. Don't hesitate to comment, we still got  badges for 11 days to give away. The promoted ladies and gentleman for theis row are:

Harald, for the knife-spear!
JP, for doing something crazy!
Engineer Jeff, for making void contact with Eduardo!

 The Story goes on ____________________________________________________

"You never met a Grandma who belives in Santa. You must be Crazy but you take the loop way and put the letter into the letter into the mailbox

Shit, you hoped that you´ll get some help from this group here.
But you understand that the well being of this community is more important than the wishes of a single individual. So yeah, you will go alone. As she asks you to go to the mailbox for a letter to santa, you don´t take her serious first, but as she insists so hard you promise her to go there first, and then to Eduardo´s . Its not a big detour anyway.
You try to call Eduardo, but there is no answer. So you send him a message that you´ll be with him soon. Before you leave you ask Grandma if there is any weapon for you. You hoped for a gun but she hands me over a big kichen knife. Hm...better than nothing you think. As my broom was a good tool of death you fix the knive to it by using some wire. A little bit more reach should be handy from time to time.

Equipment list (this list can grow and shrink during your journey)

- 1x Figure Transport box, damaged, Figures intact
Your bag containing:
- 1x USB charger
- 1x roll of duct tape
- 1x toilet brush
- 1x can of solvent
- 1x roll of toilet paper
- 1x mobile with half of the batteries left
- your colors, many
- 1x ziplock bag with zombie remains
- 1x energy drink
- 1x flashlight
- 1x ziplock back with a tooth of yours 
Silent guy with 2 Machetes
1x broom with kitchen knife attached (NEW!)
Armour (NEW!):
1x bike helmet

The mailbox isn't THAT far away, and she did in fact feed me some odd tasting soup which gave some weird aftertaste, (reminds you of the taste of your old W/N Series 7 after you mistakenly used it for oil paint instead of my normal Vallejo model Air acrylic). As you make your way towards my destination it occurs to you that whilst fishing for this old gal's mail, you're going to be stuck out in the open. You need to be quick about this!

On top of the mailbox lies a head of a zombie and you realise the danger you are in. There must have been a fight some while ago in these streets. Quick! You thrust your hand deep within the mailbox and retrieve the only item in the depths within, the old lady's letter. What is this green powder all over it? Dayglow paint? Suddenly you are not feeling so good. Why is the world spinning around like this? IYou slump to the ground, letter in hand, and as the world fades to black, you hear Eduardo's distinct voice calling me from the Void saying: "Help me! Help me, please!"

It feels like hours ago ... but you wake up finally. What happened? What was that green powder? Did you hear Eduardo? What about Grandma's letter to Santa?

Now it is your turn again - decide via comment what happens next?

A) Go back to Grandma and give her the letter, then head out to Eduardo's place.
B) Open the letter and read it, then go back to her, followed by your trip to Eduardo's.
C) Forget about that letter, run as fast as you can to Eduardo's place!

Make your decision via comment now!!

Happy deciding!


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