MV's ZSM 2012 - December 12th

by Roman aka jar

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December 12th - The alternative Advent Calendar
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Storyline goes on with the decisions from a mix of the 3 best Grandma-stories.

Three people, will gain a badge for their help and their inspiring comment, - we are using their ideas to bring the story further. Take a sheet of paper, note your badge if you got one (we do the same) - in the end the one with most of the badges will be the winner. Don't hesitate to comment, we still got  badges for 13 days to give away. The promoted ladies and gentleman for this row are: 


 The Story goes on ____________________________________________________

With him you feel a little safer now, but at the same time you still remind clearly what happened the last time you give trust to a complete stranger (.... damn you Wruce!!!)...Still you know that in this situation being in group is best than being alone.

You follow the big man without a single word. He walks like if he knows where to go without much care about you following or not, but still you noticed that after every corner he glimpsed at you.
After half an hour of silent and cautious walk, you saw him suddenly stop and hide behind a car, making some gestures with his machete. Obviously there is something wrong! You run and squat at his side. Keeping an eye out in complete immobility, you finally hear some trail noise coming from the crossroad in front of you... After some eternal moments you finally see the cause of the noise: Three rotten corpses appear, moving slowly. They are covered in blood and one of them is eating a ripped arm. This one is ahead and the other two seems to follow him, probably to have their part of lunch...Without further delay, mustache leave the cover and run in charge against the leading zombie. What the hell?? You immediately run after him, and while he decapitates his target, you use you broom to keep the other two far away from him. Mustache is a killing machine and, in the blink of an eye, he finish off heads and limbs with his blades and the road is silent again.

This last seconds have been just fu**ing crazy! Only now you realise the madness and you find yourself with short breath. Mustache looks at you, smiling. You can't really say if he is extremely brave or just crazy.... maybe both? Who knows....
You start walking again, and this time you try to make a little conversation.
“Hey, wow, you made an amazing work with that dead bodies!”
He looks at you and smiles again.
“I’m still shocked about all this situation. I woke up in the metro hours ago and found myself thrown in this hell. Have you any clue how all this happened?”
He just shakes his head.
“Mmmm, it’s a mess…So, do you know where your grandma is?”
He just nod, and point the road ahead with his machete.
“Ok, perfect. I don’t want to disrespect, but why is she so important for you?”
Finally a reaction! You notice that he start looking at the ground and after a moment he looks at you and start speaking in an undertone. It seems his parents died when he was really young and his grandma was there for him all his life, the only person that had really loved him. He must find her, he owe everything to her. He made a promise, to keep her always safe, and that is exactly what he is going to do! You feel that the sadness in his voice start to leave place to determination and he start walking faster.

 You lost your sense of time... we came to a small brickhouse with a garden entrance. He guestured and loughs insanely to the window where light is on. And the chimney puffs. Mentally you were really happy to found more survivors but a ugly feeling was with me. 

You are knocking on the door, slow steps you hear inside of the house and a old woman opens careful. She has grey scruffy hair. She smiles at me and a lonely tooth shines out of her mouth. In her hands she holds her hunting rifle and aims at me.
"Go away you godless beast or I pump a bullet straight in your head" she shouts. 

"Maa´am" "im a survivor and i think your grandchild brought me to your house". You stutterd shocked. She puts her weapon down and grin evily. "Ben we have guest, take some brand and come in." she looks at me and says "boy, you must be hungry i think. come in". You were such happy because you are that hungry, you would eat everything. You entered the house and followed her slowly without any words into the kitchen. and took a seat. 

The kitchen is a very old one. maybe from the late 70s. And on the floor its dirty. Maybe nobody cleaned it the last years. in the Center of the kitchen there is a old rusty wood fired oven like my grandma had. A big pot stands on it. The Grandma gives you a plate with hot Soup and meatballs in it. It tastes really good, and it hits exactly what you needed.

You ask her about her granchild, Ben, why he dont talk. She told me a tragic story about an car accident he had in childhood. His parents died there and he closely survived with a head trauma. Now he has a kognitive disability but he is strong as a bear. He is a good boy and takes care of his old granny. 

To you she looks like a friendly old lady now, but the wrinkles in her face tell of a life full of hardship.

After a heratly welcome to Ben and you she starts questioning you.
Who are you, where are you from, what do you do here, how did you survive, whats the stuff you carry.
I am a bit annoyed, but answer all her questions.
Afer a while she is satisfied and you think you got her confidence.

She tells us how her house became a safe haven for a small group of survivors. Mostly form people living there. But also for a bunch of kids that lived around the corner. They all helped to lock up the house. Went out to collect supplies, and of course fight against some zombies.
Some of her group are already dead. Killed!
At the moment there is only one other adult in the house, he must be somewhere in the top floor, she tells me that he was a hunter when he was younger. What she didn´t tell is where he got his gun from.
The others were on the way to look for food.
Some kids are in the cellar, cooking soup for all.

After having eaten you are allowed to take a little rest. I wake up when its dark. The other adults haven´t returned so far.
Ben takes the watch from the Hunter. And you sit in the kitchen with grandma.
She tells you lots of stories from here eventfull life.
From here time as a young woman in the last month of WW2.
From her 2 husbands, her kids, and grand kids.
Her stories went on for a while, until she told you that its her turn for the watch. She sends you to bed finally. You sit in your room and listen to an old radio tune:

The next mornig you wake up, only knowing that you have slept like a dead, ähm very deep, can´t remember any of your dreams.
So there is a new day. What will it bring to you .... you don´t know.

The old lady asks you why you look so worried and you tell her about Eduardo who just lives some blocks away, if he is still alive and somehow you tell her about Jessica and your feelings for her ... what? You did not even recognize yourself that you like her so much but the old lady tells you you should go there and bring both of them here, where it is safe. You have to go alone as the house seems pretty empty - everyone is on the streets in little groups to fight eithr Zombies or searching for supplies.

She asks you a favour - she wrote a very important letter before all this madness started. She wrote it to Santa and tells him her and her grandson's Christmas wishes. You feel kind of dizzy as this old woman should know that there is no Santa out there but she keeps asking you hard if you could grab that letter for her and points you the mailbox she did put it in, only some streets away.

NOW it is your turn again:

A) go straight to Eduardo's place
B) take the loop way and get to the mailbox

Happy deciding! 


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