MV's ZSM 2012 - December 1st

by Roman aka jar

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December 1st - The alternative Advent Calendar
Please read instructual information properly now. This is will be a daily updated alternative Advent Calendar Zombie Survival interactive community roleplay game. Got it? Read again to truely understand it! It is about surviving a dark and horrorful journey all together. You can interact and guide the story with your comment. You will explore dark alleys, cold nights, horrorful moments and you will experience moments of true epic heroism, hopefully. So it all depends upon your help.  

Everybody except Raffa and me are allowed to take part. Remember you can only help with your comment here. No comment via facebook or emails. Survival happens here!


The most enthousastic helping person (Raffa and I decide) will recieve a prize consisting of:

- 1x "Zombie Survival Master 2012" trophy
- 1x handpainted (by Raffa), cool Zombie Fat guy (from the boardgame Zombiecide)!
- 1x REEF Calendar 2013 (to start 2013 with a good reason after all the Zombieaction)!

The first door for december 1st of our Advent Calendar (which is open yet in the graphic, but a bit too dark!! ai ai ai!!) brings you the grand opening for the storyline you all will form, now you have to read the storyboard and decide afterwards:

Bitter cold darkness.
Your head hurts badly but you remember back with joy and fun about last nights painting session at your friends place. You finally finished that one damn miniature you never thought you might be able to and you were so proud of it. Even your friend Eduardo finished his but Jessica drank one beer too much and broke it by pushing it from the table. Funny? Not, but funny because it happened to Eduardo and not to you and friends can deal with such situations. Memories.

Darkness again.
You took the metro to get to your place again and ... arrgghh, your head hurts truely badly. You are trying to open your eyes and with an epic push of your lost energies you managed to do. No Darkness anymore. Flickering light. You are inside the metro train still. No one there. Not at the station, somewhere in the tunnels. Destroyed light bulb above makes flickering light. Destroyed glass everywhere on the ground. No one around. Just the flickering noise of that damn light. Your head aches, but you are willing to get on your feet. Still no sound beside the flickering light bulb that makes you go mad. What happened last night? Why is there no one around and what are you doing in this metro train all alone?

As usual you check if you got all your figure stuff with you. This is all that matters to you, those headaches will go away you are aware and hope for that. Flickering light. After the check you find yourself equipped with the following:

Equipment list (this list can grow and shrink during your journey)

- 1x Figure Transport box
Your bag containing:
- your brushes
- your colors
- your last energy drink

Sadly you did forget your wallet and your keys at Eduardo's place, so your first task would be getting back to him. Flickering light. Headaches. Catching your stuff, making ready to go. You realize you are still in the metro tunnels, which are pretty dark everywhere You decide to ..."

A) Do you want to check the drivers cabin first? 
B) Jump out of the metro
C) Stay were you are

Make your decision via comment now!!
(one person, one comment, we will count and the decision voted will arrive behind the next day's door).

Happy deciding!


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