MV's ZSM 2012 - December 7th

by Roman aka jar

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December 7th- The alternative Advent Calendar
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Storyline goes on with the decision which won the vote:
 C) Ask Wruce - because he acts so strange - if this Zombie was his wife maybe? (oh dear, no!)

Three people, will gain a badge for their help and their inspiring comment, - we are using their ideas to bring the story further. Take a sheet of paper, note your badge if you got one (we do the same) - in the end the one with most of the badges will be the winner. Don't hesitate to comment, we still got  badges for 16 days to give away. The promoted ladies and gentleman for this row are:

Roger Verdaguer i Serrat, for finding out who the Zombie really is.
Mati, for the best answer when it comes to fast decisions and quick reaction without losing too much time.
Finality, for motivation Wruce to finally finish off his Zombie Ex-Teammate with a truely inspiring speech.

The Story goes on ____________________________________________________

"Your feeling pushes to investigate the cry but something stops you.
This crushed woman could be Wruce's wife and it wouldn't be advisable to let him face her on its own.

"Are you well? Do you knew her?"

He sounds grave. After a moment, he reacts.

"Yes, she was Miranda, my patrol companion. She helped me to get here"

With an effort, he raises his gun. you stop him. You hate to do this, but the hard way is the must. You tend him the antenna (weapon -1), but he freezes and you see him some kind of powerless moment.

"Wruce, snap out of it!' you whisper intently, horrified to see the grizzled veteran not reacting, 'whoever she was, she's dead now; you can't let your daughter down!' No reaction.

You take a deep breath and gather all your energies to hold the following speech:
"Come on Wruce, it's time to face Armaggeddon, dig deep into your Fifth Element and get 12 Monkeys on this lady... I have a Sixth Sense that she'd rather you go the Whole Nine Yards on her than leave her as one of the living dead ... Bruce moves, Antenna in hand straight towards the Crawler and you decide not to look at this.

"I'll check the crying".

You leave Wruce behind who is slowly charging at the Zombie and close in for the crying sound. You are getting closer, each step is careful placed as the ground is full with blood and body remains. but you come to a door which leans open and here you can locate the crying. With a boost in bravery you open up the door and find:

 ... and quickly you realize the crates she is hiding at. Your first thought was if there might be ammo in them for all those weapons sprayed at the metro station but quickly you realize the little girl stopped crying and looks at you with big eyes. She looks totally in shock and you start to yell for Wruce that you found her. Wruce arrives in a hurry with some fresh blood splatters upon his face and takes the girl in his strong arms. After some minutes of family reunion you tip Wruce on his shoulder and ask him if you three now should search for his wife to get everyone together but Wruce suddenly starts to cry and tells you that his mobile isn't dead - he just doesn't want to use it anymore as the last call he recieved was his wife telling him about the danger zone at the metro station before she died (he was listening to it) but she also told him that she hide his little girl and that he should get her fast ...

He hands you his mobile and ... yes it is still working! Yay! Batteries aren't fully charged but ... Yay! Why is this guy doing this? He looks broken somehow ... mentally, after the encounter with his partner. Suddenly Wruce gets up, takes his girl, leaves the room, locks the door from the outside ... you can hear a metro wagon starting its engines outside and you can only listen to it as it rolls away. What is wrong with Wruce now? (Friend -1) He wasn't talking much all the time, but this action seems quite hillarious ... and why did he lock you away, damn! That is totally freaking stupid. But you got a mobile now and connection, not the best but hey ...

Equipment list (this list can grow and shrink during your journey)

- 1x Figure Transport box, damaged, Figures intact
Your bag containing:
- 1x mobile with half of the batteries left
- your colors, many
- 1x ziplock bag with zombie remains
- your last energy drink
- 1x flashlight
- 1x ziplock back with a tooth of yours 

Ok then, you think to yourself. Here are those crates. The door is locked but you go check it again. No way to open it, it's a metro security door with no key. You see a device close to the door where you can put a card in to open it up. Damn it, you should have checked the metro drivers wallet but you were so shocked when you killed him. Damn! You can hear slurping feet outside, growing in numbers. You have to be silent you think to yourself. Maybe you could use the mobile or check the crates. Oh dear, you can feel your stomach and you are getting hungry. Let's check the room ... where are you? How can you get out of here? And are there already Zombies outside? Is this a surveillance monitor over there?

This time your mission is to tell us your story in 3 Steps! Your goal is to get out of this room!
No decisions to take. Just your imagination. Where will this lead and damn this Wruce Billis guy, really!!

Happy storytelling!


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