Mu 28 - Bushman, Vertigo Miniatures

by Roman aka jar

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Time for another Miniature Unpacked.
This time we are taking a closer look on one of Vertigo Miniatures bust: the Bushman.
Sculpted by Pavol Ovecka, in 200 mm.


This is how the figure is packed when it arrives at yours.
Really some nice packing was my first impression.

When unpacking I was truely surprised to find the bust in one piece. That is some massive resin was my first thought. You also find a Vertigo Pin inside the box. Quite nice addition.

Taking a closer look on the bust I can say that I really like the fact that there are mostly no mould lines or cast fails on the whole bust. It makes this bust easy to prepare for painting.

The character himself is truely nice. He has some kind of smile that you don't forget that fast.
From the painter's aspects I worry a bit about painting so much black skin but only because I failed there so far on my own experiments. The bone necklace shows that this bushman is truely a warrior.
What I really like is the hair at the head and at the chest. Thumbs up for great skin texture all around. What irritated me were those big male nipples, but I always got irritated by big male nipples. Simply disturbing, but maybe because I am male myself - don't like those male nipples. Ok, stop.

Closing Words
This bust is a good bust for beginners I would say, depending on its easy preparation. It might also be something nice for advanced painters who want to collect experience when it comes to painting dark skin.  It has a lot of surface for training dark skin (which is in fact pretty hard to paint) and a really funny character. If you like Bushmen you will be very happy with this bust.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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