MV's ZSM 2012 - December 16th

by Roman aka jar

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December 16th - The alternative Advent Calendar
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Storyline goes on with the decision which won the vote:
C) Get up again, throw something from your equipement somewhere to distract the zombies and run behind the house to get into the basement!!

Three people, will gain a badge for their help, - we are using their ideas to bring the story further. Take a sheet of paper, note your badge if you got one (we do the same) - in the end the one with most of the badges will be the winner. Don't hesitate to comment, we still got  badges for 7 days to give away. The promoted ladies and gentleman who voted c) for this row are:

Denniz, for the molotov macgyvering torch.
Harald,  for the good morning thing.
Nehr, for throwing the helmet too to distract even more!

The Story goes on ____________________________________________________

"Good morning vietn... ähm, massive voodoo ...

Sh*t! So close! The zombies are closing in and if you don´t do anything you will sure be there next meal.

Think dam it, think! What would MacGayver do? If you had a chewing gum and some paper clip´s you could do a bomb but no chewing gum here so you have to do the next good thing.
You quickly reach in your bag and grab the first thing you could get your hand´s on. A roll of toilet paper…great! Of couse you almost solved myself in the fall, but some toilet paper won´t help you now, if not…! You remembered the can of solvent in your bag. You covered the roll of toilet paper with solvent. Now you only need some fire. You looked around and this might be your lucky day after all, just two meters away from you is an old lighter laying on the street, and it look´s like the old user won´t be needing it anymore since all that is left of it´s former owner is the hand. Don´t want to know where the rest is. You jumped on one leg and grabbed the lighter.

But how are you going to use this without setting yourself on fire? You take the toilet brush and stick the roll of toilet paper on top of it. Getting the lighter to work on just the second try, the improvised torch is burning really good.
I toss the torch as hard as I can right at the nearest zombie and without looking how it wen´t I rush towards the basment door … but as you can see now the Zombies are pretty close and the way you want to run is not really free ... ahhhhh!!!

No time for useless thoughts, you have to focus and think fast! Best strategy? Probably: Distract more and flee faster. Good, you need another diversion. The first idea that came into your mind is to throw your bike helmet on the street, far from where you are, and hope that the horde focus the attention on that rolling noisy thing. Immediately after thinking it you are already doing it:
-Unfasten the helmet
-Throw it
-Cross finger
Great, seems working!!! "I love it when a plan comes together" (Cit. John “Hannibal” Smith). Feeling like The Flash, you get up again and run as fast as you can to Eduardo’s house. As you do the few meters that separate me from your goal, a thought pop into your head: Hundred of zombies around + main door opened = Probability of zombies inside 80%...Doesn’t feel good to me.

Equipment list (this list can grow and shrink during your journey)

- 1x Figure Transport box, damaged, Figures intact
Your bag containing:
- 1x USB charger
- 1x roll of duct tape
- 1x mobile with half of the batteries left
- your colors, many, but yellow mostly empty
- 1x ziplock bag with zombie remains
- 1x ziplock with grandma's Santa letter (NEW!)
- 1x ziplock with green powder probe (NEW!)
- 1x energy drink
- 1x flashlight
- 1x ziplock back with a tooth of yours 
1x broom with kitchen knife attached
Armour (NEW!):

Hey! On the back of the house there is an entrance that leads to the basement where we used to spend night painting and playing roleplaying games. You should start from there, Eduardo can be there hiding. Or at least you can find something useful to help him.

You are closing in to the door but from the left you can smell the danger. One Zombie is pretty close to you and damn it! WTF! 

Ok, quick, into the basement!
Oh my god! 
It is locked!! 

WTF again? Inside the house music starts to play, pretty loud!
This ain't funny!! 

Now it is your turn again!

Describe what will happen in the next 2 minutes!

Happy Storytelling! 


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