Words of gratefulness

by Max aka The Maxican

Long time no read!

I know, I'm quiet lazy and not writing very often. To be honest, I think I never wrote anything after my introduction. Indeed I had only few time left for our marvellous hobby the last year for some reasons.

But it's a need to me to write some words as the last week was the best I had for a long time. To start at the beginning:

I went to Augsburg last monday, visiting Raffa and Big Kong Roman, knowing Captain Roberto and Peter were there already as well and Kurti was exspected to arrive the same day. Roman welcomed me warmly, so I felt home immediately. It was great seeing him, Peter and Robert again after a long time. Same with Raffa and Kurt, who returned by and by a few hours later.

I didn't take any painting materials with me, because I had no project to be finished and didn't want to start a new painting project. Instead I began sculpting a little miniature, which has some very different subject as usual miniatures have. There's already a hint to that subject hidden on one of Peters pictures... More about that hopefully soon. Most of the time I was just hanging around and watching the others painting and modelling, which was so inspiring to me! There's so much to learn watching other miniature painters, especially when they have such amazing skills as this jungle crew has.

Later that week Olli and Mati came as well. They made a perfect stay even better. It was the first time I met Olli and I'm still very impressed by his works, as he chooses very tiny miniatures with a lot of fine details. He does so well on those, something I would never be able to, and not only due to my clumsyness.

There are two very important persons left, who made this week so wonderful. Two persons, who were a counterpart to a crew of crude, smelly and insane miniature painters: Romans and Raffas girlfriends, Anna and Anky. Both were so caring about us all and along the way painted some really nice miniatures. I'm sure we all would have starved to death or died of all that unhealthy gases without them.

Finally I met Andrea at the Duke of Bavaria. He's the real italian stallion to me...

I want to thank you all for such a great week of fun and laughter! Hope to see you all again soon!!!

Max aka The Maxican


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