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Now what is this about?
... was my first thought. Many thanks to Claus, not Santa as he did nominate MV and also to Dave G / N+++ for his nomination and i was thinking what to do with this nomination as there was no "you now have to do this or that - guide"... in fact i can quote Dave G / N+++ as he really points it out for me - it is about fun:

"I wasn't sure what to think about these awards floating around our community lately. I mean, on the surface they're basically a feel-good pyramid chain letter. But having received one, and giving it some thought, I decided that it IS a "feel-good" award. It's a nice thing to recognize people for the work that they do, not to mention spreading some good feelings around and do some networking and advertising. It's also fun to share something about yourself to the community that they might not know."
The Rules are simple:

  1. Thank and link back to the person giving you the award
  2. Share seven things about yourself
  3. Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
  4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

I might not be the best with rules but i can give it a try. 1st is done i guess, many thanks again guys. Seven things about myself, oha:

1. When i was about 8 years old my first pet were fishs and there was one with only one eye, he was the leader of all others and my star.
2. With Age five i loved to eat stones.
3. As a young youth i was totally scared by an Old Sindbad film where a giant cyclop ate all of Sindbads friends.
4. I really fear white sharks, in fact i never saw one but my older cousin made me see "The white Shark" too early.
5. With age 16 i again tried to eat stones once in a while and i finally realized that this is stupid.
6. I guess my grandpa is the reason of my miniature love. He had been a war veteran and fought in Russia. As a child i did not know all the circumstances of this war and i was just amazed by his stories, for example how he stole a bike and was cycling through all Europe to get back to his loved wife, my grandma. He was a true hero for me, i can remember being out in the forest and learning about plants and animals from him, listening to stories all day long and also building plane models in different scales together. May all who died, whom i love rest in peace, i see you later :)
7. Seven is my lucky number - i did wear it back in my good old basketball days on my jersey.

Not an easy task as there are so many blogs out there. I might seem lazy in typing but Dave G / N+++ again marks the spot for me, so here is a quote again:

Finally, I hate making lists of notable sites. The reason is if I'm following them, I think they're worth checking out. On top of that, there are plenty of other blogs out there worth recognition that I don't follow only because there are only so many hours in the day, and I can't use them up reading about aspects of the hobby I don't involve myself with. (gaming: lists, strategy, etc) Every site out there has the potential for useful or inspiring information - even undiscovered authors blogging for themselves and letting readers slowly trickle in. (Just be sure to index your information)

However, there are some sites that come to mind, who are awesome in their own right, but have a few things that make them stand out:

I will go search my own reading list now and want to say sorry to those who might be not mentioned. Somehow 15 is a big number and otherwise it is way to less. Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award.

1. Pepa Saavedra 
Miniature Painting in all its glory. Many thanks for so many paintjobs that inspire again and again.
2. Figure it out
Mister J paints on and on - Historical Miniature Painting Rock'n'Roll day in day out.
3. The Little people project
Nothing more to say - just follow the link.
4. Peter Szilagyi
Powerful sculpting work - power you can feel!
5. Roberto Chaudon
A very unique and wonderful sculpting style and such a nice and passionate person when it comes to art.
6. Simon M.
This guy is just freaking crazy.
7. Studio Giráldez
One of those painters who paint too much on a great level. Really adorable output and pieces!
8. ZEE's creative Weirdness
Creativity in all its glory.
9. SuperPunch
So many cool creative stuff there. I am really looking forward to the actual art contest entries.
10. Painting Mum
Ana's blog about her wonderful skills.
11. Cianty's Tabletop Wargames
A great blog to read and with many cool buildings and dark alleys.
12. Pony Cock
Inspiration collected with great skills and just my taste.
13. White Circles
Palak's temple of wisdom and truth :)
14. Yury Serebyakov
A true sculpting King.
15. Bestienmeister
Cthulluhh, baby!!

bye, bye,
Somehow this post made me go search a stone now :)
Keep on happy blogging and stay full of passion!
Best Regards


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