Kong's Joy of Painting - May I

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Meanwhile in the jungle there are projects who have to dry, some to wait, others in the middle of progress... Michi a friend of mine visited me beside Peter and we did a little airbrush and weathering lesson at a tank i am painting for him and his big Mechwarrior thing he came with. Guess what? - I still found something to pack into the big oil article. Oh dear, i got to write that one . or my brain explodes... some impressions:


The weathering was mainly done by using the salt technique with the airbrush and following some oil colours applied. I am really looking forward to get this Oil case closed for now as it might get a bit too much in the article - it still takes some time as i have to bring it all in a understandable order or you all might get lost in my thoughts... thanks for your patience and keep on happy painting!

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