Joy of Painting!

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

Yesterday i took photos of my two latest creations... i also noticed i didn't post the last minis before these two but before showing all of them i have to write down some thoughts.

The time around the duke of bavaria was just plain awesome, i have to thank all my friends again for visiting us here in the good ol' schellingstreet! It was a great time and a lot of joy seeing you all again.
But it was also very exhausting and slowly i'm regaining all my energies and started painting again.

I hope you all had a great time at the Schellingstreet and we'll see you again!

I'm getting more and more into oil color for the basic groundwork as it is much more fun and more intuitive than the typical acrylic workflow... acrylics will not be replaced for the final detail work but oil is juuuuuuuust sooooooo much fun :)

So, now for the figures i painted....

I start with the oldest ones....

Grey Knight Terminator
 I painted this one pretty quick as a color scheme test for my upcoming army... after all it will be another color scheme but he was lots of fun :)

Strength of Nature
 I had the centaur on my desk and in my display for quite a long time, it is a pretty unique mini regarding the pose and execution of the sculpt, it's a bit of a challenge to find a interesting and nice looking view of this mini... on the base i was going a bit wild but after all it turned out pretty cool in the end (at least i think so :D )

Here's my latest sculpt.... i hope you like it although it is a bit strange, maybe i'll get some resin copys :)

The Last Request
The other part of the long time "centuar vs. barbarian" project.. as i cancelled the duel and made two seperate projects out of it i wanted to try out some new stuff... the spider webs are a little secret that will be revealed soon :) :) It won the special category price in montrouge and the first place at the paint it! contest ... so i'm pretty proud of it! The mini was a gift from the very cool club AFM Montrouge and it is one of the coolest fantasy miniatures i've ever seen and painted, although a very hard challenge.... After all, i hope you like it!

 Order 7-12: Execute Survivors
I painted this one during the workshop in Dillingen-Saar as a small project to get my head free of my current project... Roman found one of the DUST! boxes and i just liked the miniatures so i started painting :) ... aaaand i wanted to create a snow base (i don't like snow on bases in general :D ).... what do you think? :)

Grot friends
Edit by Roman: Raffa did also finish these 6 Grots during the Jungle Work Camp to give them away to say thanks to everyone :)

Last but certainly not least comes this great figure from Pegaso
Nowhere to run to, baby!
Last but certainly not least comes this great figure from Pegaso...
This figure was a gift from my friends (especially Roman... THANKS MY MAN!) for my birthday last year and so i thought the time was right to paint him for the duke of bavaria where he won me a bronze in "Painting Master" :)
In the past i was doing Vietnam Reenactment and was really into the whole War story around nam so this theme really got me.... i hope i did justice to the figure by my paintjob.

I wanted to create a real "asshole" soldier.... i think i catched this expression pretty well with his face.
I hope you like it even if the chosen theme is not really beautiful.

I used lot of oil color techniques on this one and i really learned a lot from the wise words of Max the Maxican :)

Soooo, i hope you like the minis... i'm now getting back to my other projects, PEACE! :)


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