Win a Miniature - Celebrating the 700! WINNER!

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!!!

This time was a very special one for us... over 300 people participated in the free raffle, that's more than 3 times the participants as the 600 celebration...
The follower count also jumped up to almost 800... ahhh insane, we already think about the next miniature... or maybe we just close our eyes, cover our ears and sing uhhhhhlalalaaaaaaa! ;-)

So this time the lucky winner comes from greek:
Λεωνίδας Γεωργακόπουλος

i can't even spell that name but anyway: CONGRATULATION FROM THE MASSIVE VOODOO CREW!

I will send you a mail asking for your postal adress. Read you soon!

To all the other participants, good luck next time and don't be sad!


Raffa and the Massive Voodoo Team


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