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by Roman aka jar

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A damn cool song!

The time for colour has arrived again and painting spirit is floating my venes again - the sun and friends kept me away from my workbench lately and the days went by joyful with much laughter... now it is time to bring those collected energies back to the table with doing some projects.

I did finish the big Ultramarine Diorama, but have no photos yet as we are trying to find a good way to take a good photo of such a big thing. The photobox doesn't work here very well.

The Rabbit Queen is soon to be finished, no not really - Still a lot to do but an end is in sight. A lot of fun to paint her.

A preview of things to come...
Many Red Box Games Miniatures in one "little" Diorama:

Something else from Wonderland Projects:

Oil Article Information
Oh dear, oh dear - this takes so long and i lose motivation sometimes, when i see that i still could do some more photos, i miss documented testings for you out there sometimes and i am still struggling to bring it all together with sense. Please stay patient, as i can see this will be one of the biggest articles ever written by my hands...

I also decided some things...
After finishing one Grey Knight of my Army - i again - lost motivation to paint much more in the same colour. This is a good sign, it doesn't make me sad as i see that an army is nothing for me, even it is small. I am a full heart Painter, so my little army try that i might have once in every year is now over, haha. I someday will write a small article about painting GK as i do have many photos, but you can see there is a lot on my 2do list.

There will be a big surprise today or tomorrow for all the Fans of Massive Voodoo TV :)

Stay focused and Happy Painting to you all!
Best Regards


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