Rabbit Queen and Joy of Basing

by Roman aka jar

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There is a contest at the italian Painters Forum, the Legio Pictorum, many thanks for Vittorio for letting me know. For this contest there is only one miniature to paint, everyone paints the same and it is the 40 mm limited Bunny Girl, sculpted by E. Giovagnoni, for sale on CMON. To take part in the contest you have to be a Legionari di Pictorum, registered at the Forum and you have to show your Work in Progress of your vision. Take a visit or join - it for sure will be a funny contest with this funny model.

I can present you my version and vision of this cool model - she will be a queen in a postapocalyptic desert, a gang leader, a brilliant warrior, a leader to show respect to, the one who will unite the tribes to conquer new continents... she, who is the well feared Rabbit Queen... 

The base is build from different parts, also including Ätztech products (the 2 signs), where soon a review will arrive in the jungle. The big fist comes from a Yedharo Models and the rabbits are from Mantis Miniatures. I also did build 2 bases today, one comissioned and the other for Sale here on MV. Both look like this:

Comissioned Fantasy Base 40x40

Jungle bongo bongo!
Happy Painting to you all!
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