700? and Work in Progress...

by Roman aka jar

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Uough! Ough! 

The Jungle has reached 700 Followers on the blog - wohow! Many thanks to all jungle tourists visiting us regularly. We didn't expect this going so fast and honestly we are caught a bit off duty - we are already preparing our Jungle Celebration Party for the 700 - a miniature to win again - more about it as soon as possibe :)

Meanwhile I just can tell you about my Work in Progress Projects - there are a lot. It is the joy of painting i do at the moment and articles that i prepare. You can fasten your kilts because of those articles. At the moment i am writing the big "Using Oil and Acrylic Colour together" article and i can say that this seems to become a book after much experience is made so far in the jungle.

Work in Progress some explanation words - i can say that the Tyranids vs. Ultras thing will not be icecold - i guess this was a good decision or the snow would have killed the overall impression and dramatic of the Marines in the focus of the scene. The Marine bust i was asked about several times is just Brother Artemis by Games Workshop's Inquisitor, a 54 Marine who i made a bust of. The Spanish Admiral bust is done on comission and will soon be finished - for sure his face will get a way warmer tone - i will do that later on with oil colours. Peter is with me painting these days and he is doing a nice and strange JMD Miniature. The Grinder bust by Roberto Chaudon will be fullfilled as a Dark Elf in my vision. Still doing experiments with Acrylics and Oil here - it feels the article never ends :) - Fisherman's friend will be soon finished too - it's the Guild of Harmony model, gently converted and a gift to some real nice people i know.


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