Ol' good eye

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

At the moment painting is pure fun and relaxation to me... as i'm on a training for my soon to come business i'm really exhausted when coming home... it's nice to know that my girlfriend and roman are waiting for me every day :) aaaaaaand of course miniatures!

At the moment i'm working on the wonderful pirate bust from JMD.
I started painting him with oils, it's so much fun to work more intuitive with oils... :)
Right now i'm working on the final details with acrylics....

The photo is pretty bad... on the next one you see his tattoo... maybe you recognize it! :)

Other projects i'm working on is a simple Grey Knight:

Also i made a new base for my demon prince...

Aaaand last but not least something that will still take some time :)

I hope you like some of the stuff :)



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