Cleaning and preparing...

by Roman aka jar

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I love May :)

The last weeks have been so great... a time full of friendship and dedication to our passion.
I did need 3 days now to find all my stuff again and clean my workbench. Ay! And somebody did forget one sock here at mine :D

I also have to tell you great news about my own collection of Miniatures. I did recieve a little Gnoblar Gift by Raffa, a great Mountain Gorilla by Kurti and the great model "Valhalla" by my friend Andrea as miniature exchanges. Many thanks my friends - this really stunned me away in another dimension... in the front you can see "La Vie en Rose", painted by Anna, my lady with the supermegacool white socket :)

I am already starting to pack sold or comissioned miniatures for shipment. Most of my work will now go to collectors and friends, so my finished project area will be free for new stuff again. Shortly before the Duke of Bavaria i did finish the 90 mm Pegaso Gladiator and finally the 75 mm Arkvenger, also by Pegaso. There are only very bad photos of the Arky at the moment as we did them at Saturday morning with way too much morning sun in the room. Arky is already in Italy, he was travelling with italian friends after the Event in Ingolstadt. Maybe i will have a chance of better photos in the future, in fact i am really in a need to as i will finish to write the Step by Step article.

So saying goodbye to my projects starts now.
Robert? I guess the sock is yours as you also did forget your birthday present ;D

This socket by Sockelmacher will be next - it will be a base with some Games Workshop action going on...

Read you soon! Much to write ahead, Mad Max Cars and stuff, now you know...
more to come soon!
Stay tuned!

Best Regards


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