Finished and WIP

by Max aka The Maxican

Hello everybody!

The last couple of days I painted quite a lot. I restarted a wonderful bust by Pegaso. It's a mongolian warrior, casted perfectly in resin and the sculpting is just awesome. So nice to paint... I started painting it a year ago, but wasn't satisfied with the result. So I removed the paint last week and primed it again.

I painted the skin with oil colours. There were about 13 colours, which have been used to get a nice skintone with all its subtle nuances. Roman's - still to come - tutorial about working with oil colours will contain those techniques I used here.

The metal isn't finished yet as well as the beard, only the skin. I hope you like it so far.

Here's my palette with the colours I used for the skintone:

It's already some months ago I finished my latest work, a 54mm Kelt from Elite Miniaturas. It's a pity this manufacturer closed at the end of last year. It's all done in acrylics except the skin, which is painted with oil colours as I always do. It was real fun painting this one. I tried to keep it simple and in warm tones. Nearly all parts are painted with the same few colours, only in varied mixing proportions.

Max aka The Maxican


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