New photo equipment and some new miniatures

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

After weeks I didn't write anything here, some painting events and the funny MV jungle camp, I wanted to show you my latest stuff.
I have bought a light tent, some lights for it and a friend said me much about all the options I can chose on my camera.. :D

At the moment, I paint some miniatures for companies and in the free time I try to learn how to paint with oils.. damn.. it`s not easy.. :D

Okey.. here are my miniatures:

Duel in the mountains:

Squik hopper, I wanted to make a unit of these for the GD.. but lets see what the time brings.. :)

Ar-Finiel: I have built this base, 2 days before the duke of bavaria was, thanks Raffa, for your help :)

Better photos of my Age or Robots:

Bilbo Beggins:

In the near future I will sell some of my miniatures for a good reason. But more about this soon..
Feel free to comment :)

Best regards Oli


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