Lost in Impressions

by Roman aka jar

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Somehow the latest blogger problems killed the last new entries. This now will be a big write up with everything that was lost and something new. Hope you enjoy. Edit: I saw that blogger restored the postings.

the British Grenadier Guard is up to ebay
- follow this link to get directed to the auction.

Second i can tell that i have dispatched the first row of the PRIZES won at the MAD MAX CAR COMPETITON. The Renegade still waits for some plastic crates that i have ordered to provide a safe shipping. Amazon tells me i still got to wait for them - so sorryio!

Third, there is a contest over on the Legio Pictorum, an italian Painters community. The contest is about the limited Bunny Girl by CMON and only this model can be painted, gentle and small conversions allowed but not much. If you are intrested in the contest you can find everything needed here, but you have to be a registred user of the Legio to take part. Thanks to my RwW who told me about the contest. Really a cool model to paint. I have my very own vision of her... she will be a queen in a postapocalyptic desert, a gang leader, a brilliant warrior, a leader to show respect to, the one who will unite the tribes to conquer new continents... she, who is the well feared Rabbit Queen (Update included)...

I have used Ätztech products for this base - they are really cool and there soon will be a big review about them, here in the jungle.

I already have a applied a basic colour decision everywhere and now will do the rough light and shadow work before it goes to details. I am still in the early progress so don't you mind strange places...

Fourth, I also did finish another bust.
I was comissioned to do Pegaso's Spanish Admiral bust for the second time. I really love to paint this model which is in 1:9. I hope you like him too, you can click him in the big voting arena if you feel like, just follow this link.

Spanish Admiral
Pegaso Models, 1:9

Fifth, i did finish a gift to 2 very nice persons who helped a lot during the last painting class in Dillingen-Saar. It is also the miniature i did start during the Class to explain painting and basing techniques. The model itself comes from Guild of Harmony, i just switched the bald head to a head with hat (hat is by Helldorado) and switched his staff as i did lost the original staff somehow. He is called "Fisherman's Friend". Hope you and those friendly guys will like him - if you want you can also do a click on him in the big voting arena - just follow this link!

Fisherman's friend
Guild of Harmony, 28 mm

Sixth, oh dear... i am planning to build up an army, just because of the fun to build up an army and the mad Raffa who does the same :)

Mkay... as far as i can remember i had a big motivation going on when i started my armies in the past. Never finished one because of the lack of motivation. Now i might have found a solution, a 12 model big army of Grey Knights - that's what i could realisticly do and try to manage, some once in a while. I can present you the first gaming model of my hopefully growing Grey Knight Army - hope you like him! More battle brothers to follow - if you want to click for this battle brother in the big voting arena - do it here! The bases have been done with common earth and superglue and some gypsum parts.

Grey Knight I
Games Workshop, 28 mm

So far from my side - i wish everybody a great weekend and be sure the 700 Celebration Party is shortly rolling in! Soooonnn!!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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