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I will be off for a little while I guess (not much, just some days) - i deeply fell in concentrated article writing mode and will listen to this great music for a while until i finished writing every single word down into the upcoming big Oil Paint Article  (those are way too many thoughts, going loco in my brain, ay, ay, ay!!).

Here comes a little teaser for those who wait for the article to prove to myself that i am on it :)

Also I want to inform everyone waiting for a parcel coming from my direction that everything is packed just in this moment and will be sent this afternoon. I had to wait for new plastic crates to prepare a good shipping.

Finally the sun is back in our city - it was gone and the days went sad. Once in a year you see the sun rise and burn for the arrival of summer and when she already showed her might, once she has to leave for a moment it makes the heart of the wandering soul heavy. Music! I know why ancient civilization praised her as a godess :)

To feel fully prepared for a mighty and amazing summer we already wear our ultracolourful Massive Voodoo shirts, get yours now! 

They will only be available in those massive colour powers for the summer 2011.
For sure here comes a little teaser again:

Stay sunny all around and ready you soon!
Best wishes!


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