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Just recieved this by the Wamp Champ Brett, its mainly intresting for those living in the UK ...

"Hi folks,
I wanted to pass on some information from our friends over at the basement regarding their upcoming event. Please try and attend and support the event iif you can. They are a great bunch of folks with some cracking painting and modelling skills.


Heres their info:

"So FigureWorld 2011, what is it and where is it, Are two great questions I would like to give some answers to?

Lets begin with what it is, it’s a figure show hosted by The Basement forum, but we like to think its much more than that, more than just a place where people can go to buy figures, though we know that’s important to figure modeller’s where would we be without a grey army to keep the loft insulated, so Adrian spent many long hours at his computer and on bended knee and has managed to gather up quite an impressive list of traders to part you from your money, more on how to find who the traders are later. Back to FigureWorld it is somewhere to go to see all sorts of figures, from 28mm to ¼ scale garage kits done by modeller’s of all ages and skills displayed together, there’s going to be over 20 metre’s of multi layered display, that’s over 60 feet of painted and work in progress models to look at, though to be honest we aren’t bringing all those, we are hoping that the people who come will bring the odd figure with them, 3 is a good number, there’s a reason for that too… but above all that it’s a chance to be in a room with a group of people who all share the same hobby, they might not build quite the same model as you but they are all into figures, so a few people not only to chat with but who you can swap tips tricks and stories, but also to make the odd new friend and connection you never know whose going to be there and who you might meet. No stress, I don’t think the venue allows it, its like, well I will tell you the first thing I did when I looked round for the first time, I looked for Harry, Ron and Hermione… , it drains the anxieties out of you.

So where is this little bit of Utopia, well its near Peterborough, I know I know!!! Strange place for Utopia but hey that’s where it is…. The full address is well, is where you can find all sorts of other information about the show including the very important list of traders, .

Now there is one thing more I want to explain to you it concerns that 3 figures for the display comment, on the day if you display with the rest of us at least three figures one of which must be a fully finished figure the rest can be works in progress then you will be eligible for the draw for the a copy of the wonderful dwarf bust sculpted by our very own Rob Lane, pictures of which can be seen, yes you guessed it on the site above…. Now all those people coming giving one bust away would be quite long odds so there’s 30 of them up for grabs.

It just remains for me to say I am looking forward to meeting you all there, and to thank Brett for sending out this little advertisement for us.

Thanks for reading

The Basement team"


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