Retrieve the Relic by all costs... WIP

by Roman aka jar

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Just for Raffa:

Now comes a little talk about a project i am finally working on again.

I seem in the mood to close some old cases and there is someone waiting for 5 Ultramarine Heroes retrieving a holy Ultramarine Relic from a dark Tyranid infected planet... The Marines have been finished during the last years. So there is some kind of difference in the models when it comes to the styles painted. In the end i want to make sure that everything fits together and i already started to the rework on the marines. The latest shown big base will be the place to be for the Brothers of Ultramar and i did attach some Tyranids yesterday to bring more dramatic into the scene. The socket this piece is done upon comes from I really appreciate this socket as it invites you to do a big scene with much BAAM!

The basework ís mainly done, for sure snow and icicles are still missing and is It is already primed and after some chat with the comissioner there will be a snowy and windy athmosphere with some icicles... here are some Work in Progress shot - i am looking forward to use the Airbrush now for a first colour go after this posting. I hope you don't mind many photos of this Work in Progress - such photos always help me to get a better feeling for the scene or just see something from a very nice angle...

Well, do you expect where the relic will be?
For the Emperor!! !!!


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