Mu15 - "The Grinder" bust by Roberto Chaudon

by Roman aka jar

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Another Miniatures Unpacked - this time it is a bust again.
I will have a closer look on Roberto Chaudon's "The Grinder" which comes in Scale 1:8.

The bust itself comes in a plastic bag. It is not perfectly secured due this fact but when you have a look inside you see that there is not much which can go broke at this sculpt. Roberto has a very unique style of sculpting, he is working a lot with directions and overall compositition. A very dynamic sculpting and a really outstanding quality of the sculpt's cleanness and sharpness. J'adore le broyeur. This is how it looks unpacked and you see in how many parts the model comes:

4 Parts, i think i do not have to list them, just take a look in the picture above. Meanwhile i want to say a lot about the Resin the bust is casted and the fixation points and the work you have to put into it before you start painting.

The Resin is very hard but not prudish. Very cool to work with. There are some minor rests of the casting but i have to say that this cast is really worth its money. Easy to clean, great to put together - check out the easy preparation by Roberto, every piece fits perfectly.

The theme for the bust is pure fantasy. It is Roberto's vision of the Grinder - i saw him as a Dark Elf and am already working on my vision. The sculpt is great and i hope you don't mind the shortness of the review - it is indeed a beautiful cast that comes with a lot of Painting Joy and easy preparation.

The bust socket he is standing on comes from
If you are interested in a resin copy contact Roberto here please:  

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

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