"Fluctuat nec mergitur" Paris 2011

by Der_Ben

Posted by the massive mandrill.. aka der_Ben

Hey Folks,
here is my small Project for the GD in Paris last Weekend..
i´m really happy about how it turned out in the end..
basicly the theme was :
i wanted to create a Landsknecht torn from Battle, tired, wounded..
a colorfull and strong yet battle worn look...
i started very late on the Project , so when i arrived early on saturday mornig
at a friends house in paris the figure was still missing its banner and the left arm..
i wasnt sure about what freehand to put .. the colorscheme was inspired of the "nordland- scheme" from the imperial warhammer book.. so i thought to stick to the maritime look..
a friend , Victor cam up with a brilliant idea.. the COA of paris ....
and its slogan fit just perfect:
"Fluctuat nec mergitur"- "It is tossed by the waves, but does not sink"
it was great meeting so many of you in paris,
it was like a big family meeting .. with a nerdy family that seems to be not used to sunlite exposure
i really want to thank all the people involved in there..
Matt .. for stealing my time and giving me bitz..and the catbuss
Victor and Valerie for theire hospitality
and Valerie for her help and her preciseness
the italians matteo and max for the wine and biscuit
victor for a left arm and the perfect slogan..
..thanks to all for that wonderfull weekend..
btw finally i had the luck to make a silver demon in WHFB Single


for those who like to vote on cmon
her is the link


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