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by Roman aka jar

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This Miniatures Unpacked will be a bit different.
I want to tell you about products by

Ätztech is run by PK-Pro and SNC-Studio who bring some fine brass etches for your hobby table. For this review i want to say thanks to both for sending some examples to the jungle. I really like their products as they can offer you easy work for your Sci Fi basing. You will find their offer in their shop and also the list of prices.

I will first introduce some products to you and will tell a bit about the handling afterwards.

1. Ätztech (casual)

Casual means the normal production line. You can get several different brassed etched products from this range, everyone for its own use. Casual means they are perfect and ready to work with. Here are some examples, also including my personal favourite pieces by Ätztech, the Sci Fi signs.

 They are the perfect match to every Sci Fi base in 28 mm. I love the difference in the signs and the stories you can tell with those. Just imagine the "Beware of falling rocks sign" with a Space Marine smashed by a big and heavy rock :) - here comes a detail shot:
 In the parcel for this review there was also Nato Wire, which i personally did not yet use, but here comes a photo of it:

2. Ätztech (Rostware)

There is also another product of Ätztech but as far as i know these "Etching Tests" or Rostware are limited on Sale. You can get every product of the range in casual, perfect version - PK-Pro did ship some of them with the parcel for our review and the only difference is the fact that at some places they might be kind of destroyed but when I think about my own bases i mainly destroy everything that i put up there. Here are some more expressions of Ätztech products - this time Rostware:

3. Ätztech Handling

When it comes to the use of those brassed etches i do use several tools. Mainly for cutting and destryoing. Here you can see everything i have used:

I got to say I thought that it would be easier to work with them.
After you cut them out of the sprue you really got to take care as some sharp edges or rests from your cut could harm you. The thickness of the brassed etch is fine at all. My wish was to have them a bit thiner as drilling a hole in one took me a while - but that might also be connected to my weak arms or failing drilling skills without machines to help me. In the end i really got so say i love to use those Sci Fi signs - so far i did only test the Metal sheet and the signs, not more of the products so far as i was only in need to hit a base with these pieces.. easy to handle (i am just weak), easy to glue and looking damn fine:

4. Closing words

I hope you like them as I do. Be sure to check Ätztech for the product you need. The range is growing fast and i can also recommand that you take a look at PK-Pro's overall offers, including bases, tools and MiniNatur.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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