"The Rising" and "Custodia Mortis"

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter, Baphomet

Just wanted to show you my new miniatures :) I finished them during the MassiveVoodoo-Bootcamp at Raffa´s place the last two weeks. I entered them at the Duke of Bavaria-Contest and won Gold in Fantasy Standard Painting. I Hope you like them. I want to thank the whole monkey crew for the advises and support, but especially Roman and Raffa for their efforts and paintence ;)

The Rising:

Custodia Mortis:

Well, there have been two days without painting and I get crazy by this situation. So I will start a beautiful miniature made by JMD tonight. My next posting will be a "Minature unpacked" and some WiP-pictures ;)

Best wishes,


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